Robotic welding cell design final report

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Silva, Denis
Cavallin, David
Dabrowski, Corey
Paseschnikoff, Andre
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Cormer Group Industries has requested C.A.D.D. consulting to develop or source a suitable welding cell in order to obtain future contracts. Since automated welding is a new process for CGI, it has been stated that the subject welding cell should be able to handle small to medium sized parts, made from a variety of different materials. The welding cell should also be able to handle both simple and complex welding requirements. Finally, the welding cell is required to be a turnkey system which means that the designed or sourced cell should be complete and ready for operation without further part or component sourcing. After discussion within the C.A.D.D. consulting group, it was determined that designing a new type of welder and process for the subject problem would not only be unnecessary, but it would not benefit the customer due to the high cost associated with designing a new robotic welding cell. Therefore, multiple welding cell suppliers were contacted for information and the most suitable welding cell was selected for the required task. Lincoln Electric’s System 50 HP Platform was selected as being the most suitable system for CGI’s requirements due to the cell capabilities and cost. The system contains an automatic robotic welding system, complete with a computer controlled fully integrated robotic welding arm and a hand held operating system. The system will have two different bays in order to allow the system to work consistently as one part can be welded in one bay while another part is loaded in the second bay. The sourced system is also water cooled in order to allow complex welds to be completed for long periods of time (i.e. entire work days). [1][2] In conclusion, the sourced Lincoln Electric 50HPwelding system will not only meet all of the CGI’s current needs, it will exceed many of the customer’s needs in order to allow the system to be used for more than the current requirements and allow CGI to bit on multiple new contracts in the foreseeable future. This will all be provided as an installed unit for the cost of $273 000. [1] (See App. A for complete quote.)
Cormer Aerospace, robotic, welding, cell, design