Dump truck hoist redesign

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Adri Putro, Fajar
Jhajj, Sharleen
Grafeneder, Matt
Fehr, Jason
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Quatro Consulting's final design report discusses the new hoist designs for Cancade Company Ltd. Cancade is a manufacturing company which produces heavy hauling equipment for agriculture, construction and oil and gas applications. Quattro Consulting was responsible for the redesign of Cancade's current hoist. Cancade requested that the new hoist design reduce the amount of both parts and welds by 30% or more. Improvement in lifting capacity from 50,000lbs to 60,000lbs and higher dumping angle of 50° from previously 36.5° are also desirable. The new design must maintain the safety factor of 1.5 at any given situation. Quattro Consulting produced two independent designs for this project by following different approaches. Design 1 is based on the current hoist's design parameters. Alternatively, design 2 incorporates major redesign of hoist components. Design 1 is able to achieve the dumping angle of 46.5° with a 60,000lbs load. Design 1 reduces the amount of welds by 51% and parts by 55%. The second design is capable of lifting a 60,000lbs load with the maximum dumping angle of 50°. The weld reduction achieved by Design 2 is 44% while the amount the parts are reduced by 33%. To achieve such a high dumping angle, both designs must slightly exceed the space constraint when the hoist is fully collapsed. Exceeding the space constraint can be tolerated as long as the hoist does not interfere with the truck frame or cross members. In the case of interference, the truck frame may need to be modified. Both designs meet the required target specifications requested by Cancade. Therefore, both hoist designs can be implemented at the clients' discretion.
dump, truck, hoist, redesign, Cancade