A Sustainable Development Indicator Design Process for Manitoba Hydro

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Searcy, Cory
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Manitoba Hydro has made a commitment to apply the principles of sustainable development in all aspects of its operations. One method the company has identified to achieve this goal is the creation and implementation of sustainable development indicators. However, before undertaking any indicator development project, the company feels that it is necessary to create a detailed plan. To fill this need, the aim of this project was to develop a Sustainable Development Indicator (SDI) Design Process for Manitoba Hydro. Recognizing the importance of planning in the success of any indicator project, that protocol articulates a methodology for the development of indicators at Manitoba Hydro. Although effort was devoted to creating a process suitable for application to all aspects of the company's operations, particular emphasis was devoted to ensuring the process was relevant to the Transmission System. To achieve that goal, the project was divided into two fundamental phases. The first focused on developing a generic SDI Design Process while the second focused on applying selected steps of the process to Manitoba Hydro's Transmission System. Taking a systematic approach, both phases involved an extensive review of published literature as well as consultation with internal and external expertise. Those procedures ultimately lead to the development of a flexible, six-step SDI Design Process: (1) conduct needs assessment; (2) conduct process planning; (3) develop a draft set of sustainable development indicators; (4) test and adjust the indicators; (5) implement the indicators; and (6) review and improve the indicators. The key activities in each of these steps are illustrated in process flow charts, while other important points are described in thorough explanations. Throughout the entire protocol, special care was taken to incorporate the comments of the experts participating in the consultations. The creation and implementation of sustainable development indicators at Manitoba Hydro could be achieved by implementing the process described in this report. During any implementation, however, consultation with key stakeholders will be required and significant time and effort will be needed to develop a set of indicators...