Nursing resources in Manitoba 1995 : a description of the current situation and consequent policy implications

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Hughes, Linda.
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The purpose of this study is to describe the nursing resources available in Manitoba as of April, 1995 and to delineate possible policy initiatives based on the collected data. After years of inattention and neglect, the topic of nursing resource planning is now one of the priorities of most health departments across Canada including that of our province of Manitoba. This study represents one of the first attempts to gather and collate, in a consistent format, data on the various categories of nursing personnel within the province. This baseline information is required in order to formulate Human Resource strategies within a health care system which is facing the need for massive change and major reform. Chapter One will provide an overview of the current literature on this topic and a review of recent initiatives within Manitoba and other provinces related to issues of Nursing resource planning. Chapter Two will present the data collected regarding the current Nursing resources within Manitoba. Chapter Three will outline and discuss related considerations and possible policy implications. Chapter Four will offer conclusions. The data were collected from a variety of sources including Manitoba Health, the Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses (MARN), the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Manitoba (RPNAM), the Manitoba Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (MALPN), and the Manitoba Nursing Professions Advisory Council (MNPAC). The difficulties encountered in collecting this data highlight the need for a centralized, coordinated process by which this type of information is compiled and analyzed. This is the first step required in the process of developing a Nursing Resource plan for the Province.