Commissioning and characterization of the Manitoba automated High Energy Proton Microprobe, and the role of cold and hot fusion in the implantation of palladium and indium by deuterons

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Yeo, You Huan
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A high energy proton microprobe has been constructed on a dedicated beamline at the University of Manitoba Accelerator Centre. Chapter one describes the extensive program of design and development of the major components of the microprobe. These developments include the design of the target chamber, the object slit and the beam scanning stage. The performance of the major components and the overall system to date is assessed. Chapter two describes the experiment involving the implantation of deuterons into the palladium and indium targets. This experiment was designed to observed the possible neutrons resulting from the so-called 'cold fusion' effect when there is a sufficiently high concentration of deuterium nuclei present in the target samples. The motivation was to simulate the Utah electrolysis experiment in an non-equilibrium situation not involving heavy water as the intermediate material. A significant neutron production was observed in the implantation experiment and a prelimary examination on the role of 'cold' and 'hot' fusion in this experiment is described.