Toward a deconstruction of homosexuality as deviant conduct : a case study of homosexual lobby groups in Manitoba

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Attafuah, Kenneth Agyemang
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This is a study of the deconstruction of a stigmatized identity and the attainment of legal protection by members of a minority group in a pluralistic society. Between 1972 and 1987 two homosexual lobby groups in Manitoba challenged the taken-for-granted notions of appropriate and inappropriate sexual orientations and behaviors. Their efforts culminated in the passage of Bill 47 which provides legal protection for homosexuals against discriminatory treatment in employment, housing and social services. Using these groups as a case study, this thesis aimed at determining the crucial factors which make for the success or failure of minority groups to achieve goals which may involve the deconstruction of significant items of reality. Organizational strength, leadership and strategies were found to be positively correlated with interest group success. Congruence between the demands of the lobby groups and the ideological position of the targets was also crucial to the success of the lobby groups. In responding to interest group demands, targets took into consideration their perception of the state of public opinion on the specific demands.