Energy management and environmental considerations in inefficient commercial buildings with special reference to lighting design : Case history : Manitoba Hydro Head Office, Winnipeg, Man.

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Pasini, Ivaldo.
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Typical office buildings prior to 1970 are generally not energy efficient. Retrofitting and fine tuning of their HVAC and lighting systems can be an economically rewarding activity, while improving the working space environment and employee's work. The Manitoba Hydro Head Office Building located at 820 Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg, was selected for this study as it is a typical energy inefficient building. Alternate re-lighting proposals were examined to determine the best lighting retrofitting solutions considering engineering, economics and human factors. Proposals concerning the HVAC system are part of a different study. ... First a brief introduction to the principles undelaying lighting design is treated in some detail. Then the case history is examined by evaluating several alternate solutions. Finally the successful proposal is selected and the proper conclusions and recommendations follow. The successful design was a microprocessor controlled modulated lighting system... A thorough examination of the state-of-the-art in lighting design and control and a detailed financial analysis, as well as a continuous two way communication with interested employees, has insured that this re-lighting desing proposal met and exceeded the typical parameters set forth by energy management considerations.