Analyses of selected climatic factors important to agriculture in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan : radiation and temperature

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Graham, Ian McLaren
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This study is a first step towards investigating the climatic potential for agriculture in an area where more intensive cultivation and an extension of the arable area are possible. The study area consists of a rectangular zone in the northern agricultural areas of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, stretching from 52o - 55oN. and 101o - 110oW. An assessment of the agricultural climate of the area is made using 11 meteorological stations as reference points. Integration of the data available from these sites along with estimation procedures has enabled most climatic variables of a thermal nature to be treated. Directly measured variables include global radiation, sunshine duration and air temperature. Estimates have been made of net radiation and for arctic front locations. Agrometeorological factors, which have been shown to be of operational significance, are also considered including spring and autumn frost series, the frost free period and temperature summations... Results are presented in two sections. One deals with radiation and the other with daylight and temperature. Although voluminous, the results are far from being a comprehensive survey of the agroclimate of this area. It is concluded that a great deal more analysis of past weather records, more instrumental recording of variables with agricultural significance and further basic research is required in areas where thermal constraints to agricultural production predominate.