The educational and occupational aspirational levels of Franco-Manitoban senior high students

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Legal, Gilbert A.
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To gain insight into the phenomena under study and to focus clearly the research problem, four general hypotheses were derived from stratification and socialization theory: selected social factors are related to the educational and occupational aspirational levels of Franco-Manitoban senior high school students, 1) when no statistical controls are applied; 2) when socio-economic status of family is statistically controlled; 3) when academic achievement of the students is statistically controlled; and 4) when both socio-economic status of the family and the academic achievement of the students are statisticlly controlled. A review of existing literature and research revealed that the direction of the relationships stated in the general hypotheses could be predicted. The resultant research hypotheses were tested. In essence, it was hypothesized that the higher the socio-economic status of the family; and the higher the academic achievement of student; and the larger the student's community of residence; and the stronger the parental encouragement for post-high school education; and the greater the student's identification with his/her French-Canadian background; and the higher the prestige-rating of the father's occupation; and the stronger the teacher encouragement for post-high school education, and the greater the number of extra-curricular activities in which the student participates, the greater the educational aspirational level and the greater the occupational aspirational level...