Managerial behavior : a study of Manitoba managers

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Gupta, Ramesh Chandra.
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The present study was undertaken to assess and analyze certain aspects of managerial motivation in the private sector industries in the Province of Manitoba. The focus of the study is on a particular type of employee-manager. They are a large and diverse group with one common characteristic that all are held responsible for the job performance of persons other than themselves. In an expanding industrial society such as ours, the managerial role has achieved a level of importance that makes it a key job. The managers are in a position to influence complex enterprises that contain unparalleled human and physical resources. The pervasiveness, importance and complexity of the managerial job demands that we learn as much as possible about it. (Porter and Lawler, 1968)... This study is concerned with some important aspects of individual-organization interaction. The three specific areas on which the study concentrated are (a) Need Fulfillment and Motivation (b) Job Characteristics and Motivation and (c) Occupational Stress and Manager's General Health. The results of the present study have implications for policy and organizational changes, as well as for the development, selection and training of the human resources. It has further implications for organizational resources, the reward system and organizational innovation...