The processing systems of Manitoba lake and paddy wild rice

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Chung, Jimmy Kin-Fun
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Colour, flavour, percent breakage and cleanliness are the main criteria for judging the quality of finished wild rice. The present study is an attempt to investigate some of the problems in the wild rice industry today. The study was designed to evaluate the optimum processing system for Manitoba lake and paddy wild rice. Results indicated that good quality wild rice was obtained when low temperature curing and parching processing were used. In addition, the hulling study indicated that extended curing periods and hulling after storage would increase the breakage of the rice. Above all, the percent yield can be maximized if the processing system is carefully controlled. The flavour characteristics of wild rice were also investigated in this study, and 24 sensory characteristics were identified. Specific sensory characteristics such as swampy odour, mouldy and strong, earthy taste and mushy texture were noted to be the main factors which contribute to unacceptability of finished wild rice.