Estimation of demand for wildlife recreation in Southwestern Manitoba

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Pandey, Rama Kant
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Deer hunting is one of the main sources of benefits from wildlife in Manitoba. It has been observed that demands for wildlife recreation are continuously increasing while stocks of wild animals are decreasing. Loss of habitat is at present the most important factor reducing stocks of game animals. At present, it is not at all clear that resource allocation in the production of game animal is optimum. Also it is not possible to say how much improvement could be made until benefits and costs are known. Because wildlife recreation is not usally marketed the task of measuring demand and benefits is unusually difficult, and there are many shortcomings in previous work related to evaluating such benefits. The specific objectives of this study are: (1) to select relevant methods for studying demand and benefit, (2) to estimate demand for and benefits of hunting in Southwestern Manitoba, (3) to predict visitation and benefits in the study area, (4) to derive policy implications, and (5) to make suggestions for future research... This study indicated that the appropriate methods for measuring recreational demand for wildlife were indirect travel cost methods and survey methods...