Rural migrants in an urban community : a study of migrants from the Interlake Region of Manitoba in Winnipeg and Brandon

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Monu, Erasmus Dziewonu.
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In this study an attempt is made to investigate the problems, to measure the level of adjustment and to investigate the factors which contribute to high or low adjustment level of 82 "migrants" from the Interlake Region of Manitoba in Winnipeg and Brandon. All the respondents were at the time of the study taking educational training designed for increased job opportunities... Our findings indicate that most of the "migrants" still have a strong attachment to the rural area. More important, nearly half of the respondents do not regard themselves as migrants. Our data also confirm the findings of previous researchers that rural migrants to the city have low participation and membership in social organizations. Our study also reveals that these "migrants" expect difficulties in finding jobs in the trades in which they are receiving training... Our findings also show that there is a statistically significant relationship between education and the extreme adjustment categories... No statistically significant relationship is found between age, marital status, participation in social organizations, residence pattern, distance of home from the city, frequency of visits to parents, and adjustment.