An economic analysis of beef cattle production and grain operations in west central Manitoba

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Johnson, L. M.
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Beef production is big business. Over 300,000 Canadian farmers have cattle on their farms. In 1967 net marketings were over 3,600,000 head with sales valued at about $850,000,000. At the same time beef and veal consumption in Canada averaged 88 pound per capita... Coupled with expected population increases, this trend indicates that an 8 to 10 per cent increase in cattle slaughterings will be required during the next three years... Realization of the prediction that beef production can be doubled by 1975 depends on extensive programs to facilitate expansion of the livestock industry and on a basic change in the attitude of farmers to the raising and finishing of beef cattle. ... The relative position of the livestock industry with respect to income is therefore important to Manitoba farmers. Periods of ready markets for grain, of course, tend to discourage livestock production. Grain markets for the future, however, are not assured whereas market demand for beef is expanding. ... The basic problem is lack of sales in an over-supplied world market. This predicament could continue for some time. With the above basic considerations in mind, it became imperative to study some of the factors involved in beef production if expected requirements are to be met.