A slope profile analysis of a valley in South West Manitoba

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Hodgson, John Alan
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Slope profiles were measured at systematic intervals along the sides of a former gracial spillway in south west Manitoba. The profiles were grouped according to their location or relation to various physical conditions. A normal distribution analysis of the frequency of occurrence of the maximum angles present,in each profile of each group, plus an analysis of the variance between the means of these groups enabled the variables which had influenced the development of the valley slopes to be determined. The results indicated that the profiles located on lake bordered (riparian) slopes were significantly different from those profiles on slopes which are not adjacent to lakes. Within the riparian profile qroup, those profiles which are orientated towards either the prevailing wind or the secondary wind are significantly different from those profiles not facing these wind directions. A statistical analysis of selected profile parameters revealed that i) there are basic correlations beween parameters and these correlations are common to all the measured profiles, and b) that each of the significant profile groups have correlations which are unique. It is likely that these results may apply in other landscape conditions, but the universality of these conclusions requires further investigations.