A descriptive study of the involvement of Manitoba's social welfare system in social action : being a report of a group research project

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Blomert, Betty Ann
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The subject of this study was the manifestation of social action within Manitoba's social welfare system. An attempt has been made to examine the forms of activity employed, the issues prompting action, and recipients of the system's efforts to inform or advise. Some analysis has also been centered on the origin of concerns, and the level of agency personnel responsible for actually carrying out the action. Ultimately the purpose of this research project has been to describe how has the Manitoba Social Welfare System been implementing the recognition of social action as an inherent part of its function. The question posed derives from a particular view of society, and awareness of the implications of rapid social change. Within this broad theoretical context, the study's extreme relevance to the social work profession is based upon a firm conviction that the social welfare system has a crucial role to play in the evolution of a social order which facilitates the growth and sustenance of man.