Developing an effective instrumental program for Manitoba public schools

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Merrett, Frederick Albert
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The problem studied in this investigation covers the status of the instrumental music program in the public schools of the province of Manitoba during the school year 1962-63 and the teacher-training given at that time to prepare prospective teachers for instructing the students in this phase of music education. Current literature reviewed indicates that educators recognize the value of music in the education of the child and accept the contribution which instrumental music can make as part of the general music course. Although many writers justify the inclusion of instrumental music on the basis of such extrinsic benefits as mental discipline, social adjustment, and improved health, this writer agrees with those authorities who state that the intrinsic values of music are such that the subject requires no extrinsic justification... Some recommendations follow, such as the appointment of a Director of Music for the province, the appointment of full-time Music Supervisors in each school division in Manitoba, and the inclusion in the courses required of all prospective teachers of instruction in the methods of teaching instrumental music. The writer contends that adoption of the recommendations given in the thesis could bring about the establishment of a suitable instrumental music program in the schools, and a teacher-training program in the colleges which would provide a steady flow of qualified teachers to give proper instruction in this field. The dissertation concludes with a brief description of a program for the schools and teacher-training institutions of the province, which might result in providing ample opportunities to every child for the full development of his or her musical potential.