An investigation into river bank improvement in the Winnipeg area

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Klassen, Edwin Helmut
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In this study of "Investigation Into River Bank Improvement In Metropolitan Winnipeg" an effort has been made to gain insight into the problems, solutions and economics of providing complete overall protection for the river banks of Metropolitan Winnipeg. The basic principle has been that if protection is carried out in a "piecemeal" manner there may be a disturbance of the natural regimen of the rivers, resulting in movement of the destructive forces downstream from the isolated areas of protection. This action would render the original protection useless and further protection would be required downstream from the original location. Investigations were made into three aspects of river bank stability, namely, geomorphology, hydraulics, and soils. Solutions were classified into the three categories of bank drainage, resedimentation, and structures. The economics of various combinations of these solutions were studied by a comparison of total benefits and total costs. Costs were computed in the usual manner... In the survey made, inquiries were also made regarding allocation of costs of bank improvement projects. These were analyzed and the figures arrived at allotted the Federal Government 48.8 per cent, the Provincial Government 35.2 per cent, Metropolitan Government 10.4 per cent and the owner 5.6 per cent. These figures were considered, by the author, to be unrealistic, and the division of costs was placed at 30 - 50 per cent for the owner and the remainder for Metropolitan Government, with substantial contributions by the municipalities concerned.