Academic performance and past life experience : a comparative study of the relationship of past life experiences to present academic performance of Indian students in attendance at urban training institutions in the City of Winnipeg in December, 1964

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Fialkow, S.
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This study took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba between October 1964 and April 1965, and was focused on designated factors of past life experiences which lead to integration and support of Indian students in their endeavours at urban training institutions. A sample of 51 Treaty Indian students was chosen from the total number of Indian students in Winnipeg under sponsorship of the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Indian Affairs Branch. These students were evaluated in relation to what effect, if any, the selected factors under study had upon present academic performance. The data was obtained by the research group who completed schedules in direct interview with the students and personnel of Indian Affairs Branch, Winnipeg Regional Office. An analysis of the findings reveal that the makority of those students studied had received considerable exposure to all the factors considered. Because of the homogeneity of the sample, we were unable to differentiate whether specific integrative or support experiences lead to enhanced academic performance.