An economic land use analysis of South Point Douglas, Winnipeg

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Will, Edward John Sydenham
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This study is a factual one; its purpose is three fold. Firstly, it is intended to provide a factual basis for traffic and renewal proposals in the South Point Douglas area within the scope of the Metro Development Plan. Secondly, it is expected to prove useful to industrialists, businessmen and all who are interested in the future of an important segment of the central city area. An informed and aware public is one of the essentials for the proper development of any city. Lastly, it is hoped that this study, although it is not an economic base study in the true sense of the word, will illustrate the need for a more thorough understanding of the economic forces which are presently helping to mold the shape of our metropolitan area and the lives of the people within it. When, and only when, such a study is completed on a metropolitan-wide scale will there be the possibility of considering proposals for renewal or traffic improvements with a realistic and logical approach. The information presented in this report has come from three basic sources. A survey of all industry within the study area was attempted by personal interview with questionnaire forms. Approximately 74% of the firms listed in the area answered at least half of the questions on the form. When those firms listed were consolidated into the total number using the same staff etc. as a criteria (many firms existing only in name and utilized a common staff etc. with other company names), it was found that 91.6% of the firms replied to at least 50% of the questions on each form. It should be mentioned that because a firm might answer one question and not another, the total number of firms may vary throughout the report depending on the section being discussed... Principal products for each type of industry have been taken from the most recent Manitoba Trade Directory. The remaining non-statistical sources can be found in the Bibliography.