The implementation of a proposed redevelopment plan for the central area of the city of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

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Thomas, John Grant.
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...In pursuing further the necessity for urban redevelopment, it would seem appropriate to review the experiences in this field of some other North American cities. The value of such an investigation in relating these experiences to the particular case under study may be questioned on the grounds that these cities do not constitute a valid comparison because of their greater size. However, such comparisons should serve to illustrate the essential features of redevelopment that are common to all urban centres... This summary of the history of Portage La Prairie's growth and development brings us up to the present. The question that must be answered now is, "What does the future hold for the city?" More precisely, is there sufficient evidence to support the assumption that the city will continue to grow? Will the amount of growth be great enough to generate a pressing need for the redevelopment of the city's central area? What other factors besides population growth have to be considered in evaluating the need for central area redevelopment? An attempt to answer these questions will be made in the remaining portion of this chapter...