The recreational needs and wishes of residents of housing projects in metropolitan Winnipeg : a study of elderly people resident in the Canadian Legion Memorial Housing Foundation (Manitoba Branch), in the Cosmopolitan Club Homes, in Anatole Park Development and in St. Andrews United Church Senior Citizens Housing Project

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Dickman, Philip I.
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This study took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, between October, 1961 and May, 1962. It was focussed on the recreational needs and wishes of older people living in housing projects for senior citizens. The residents of four housing projects served as the population from which a sample of 111 people was chosen and interviewed in order to collect the necessary data. The objective of the study was to determine if the residents needed additional facilities and services to meet more adequately their leisure time needs and wishes. To ascertain this, the areas pertaining to personal characteristics, use of time including present participation in recreational activities, use of recreational facilities and problems restricting such use, and wishes for more or different types of recreational facilities and services, were studied. It was concluded that the residents of the housing projects did have a desire and a need for additional recreational facilities and services, particularly for those that would permit them to associate with other people to a greater extent.