A study of the use of social welfare services by a group of multi-problem families in Winnipeg

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Bober, Sonja
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The aim of this study is to examine the sequence and quantity of social welfare services used and the social problems indicated by the use of those services by a group of multi-problem families in Winnipeg. A sample group of forty families was chosen whose registrations with certain main agencies indicated they were simultaneously receiving services in the areas of dependency, ill health and maladjustment during the month of September, 1962. Information pertaining to the use of social welfare services by these families was obtained from the Winnipeg Confidential Exchange cards and recorded on a schedule. The conclusions derived from the analyzed data indicate that multi-problem families use a large number of welfare services. There seemed to be a discernible pattern in the use of these services. The prevalent pattern was that of dependency, health and maladjustment. More than one-half of the families were registered with at least one agency before the end of the second year of marriage. Furthermore, the use of these services seems to indicate the prevalence of such social problems as breakdown in the parent-child and marital relationships.