A survey of two downtown areas in the City of Winnipeg

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Bachtold, J.
Cantor, E.
Dawshka, C.
Kopynsky, M.
van der Krabben, J.
Rogers, W.H.
Senchuk, R.
Simpson, G.
Steele, N.
Throp, G.
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This survey attempts to present an integrated picture of two areas on the periphery of the central business district of the City of Winnipeg. The United Church Presbytery had expressed concern that the programs of their downtown Churches were no longer adequately serving the needs of the fluctuating population surrounding them, and based on this concern, a preliminary survey of all the downtown United Churches of Winnipeg was made in 1958. However, it was felt that a more complete study of the areas surrounding the Westminster United and Augustine United Churches respectively, should be undertaken, in order to gain a more comprehensive picture of the changes that were taking place, and thus to attempt to predict the future trends and needs in each area. This study was undertaken by the second year post-graduate class in the School of Social Work, University of Manitoba, as a group research project in partial completion of the requirements for the Master's Degree in Social Work. Each of the 12 students undertook an individual study of one aspect of the total survey. Individual reports on these separate topics were written, and are available, on request, at the School of Social Work. This report is an amalgamated and condensed version of these 12 individual studies...