An evaluation of the ascorbic acid nutrition of a group of rural Manitobans as indicated by food intake and blood levels

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Bruce, Vivian May.
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Forty-five food records and 45 micro blood serum samples from a selected group of rural Manitobans were analysed for ascorbic acid and total ascorbic acid respectively. The average intake of ascorbic acid was 91.0+-41.6 mg. per day. This figure is well above the Canadian Dietary Standard and the Recommended Allowance of the U.S. National Research Council. Two persons consumed amounts below the Canadian Dietary Standard of 30 mg. per day. Citrus fruits and tomatoes accounted for 38 per cent and potatoes 21 per cent of the ascorbic acid intake of the group. The average serum level of total ascorbic acid was 1.25+-0.74 mg. per cent. A majority of daily intakes above 30 mg. corresponded to serum concentrations which were above 0.8 mg. per cent; approximately 28 per cent of the group had serum levels below this figure. There was no evidence of a direct relationship between the dietary intake and the serum concentration.