The prairie above: a regional investigation into the green roof technology and application

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MacArthur, Shauna
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Issues associated with urban development such as the urban heat island effect, loss of habitat, increased areas of impervious surfaces leading to storm water management concerns are well known. Many designers, engineers and policy creators are sensitive to these issues creating positive change by implementing alternatives to traditional development. Although, the concept of green roofs is not new to the prairies, modern development of this technology has not been fully embraced. Surrounded by concerns of efficacy and longevity here in the harsh northern prairie climate, green roof development and implementation has been slow. The objective of this practicum is to determine what green roof system and what vegetation of the short grass / fescue prairie and mix grass prairie would succeed in a green roof setting. Determining the appropriate planting palette and growth medium depth for the Canadian Prairies is essential for the development of the green roof industry locally.
greenroof, landscape architecture, landscape, urban landscapes, architecture, Canadian Prairie, native prairie plants, habitat creation