The mix: the re-articulation of the north american interior

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layne, nicolette
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The Mix: The Re-Articulation of the North American Interior is an investigation and design proposal that revolves around the territorial differentations of public and private spaces.This inquiry will directly study the ways that Digital Communication Technologies (ICTs) have changed the way that North Americans live. Their influence affects the way that people work, socialize, and where they choose to live. The impact of ICTs coupled with the use of mobile devices have created a new population of teleworkers, meaning that people can work and exchange information wherever there is an Internet connection. The use of mobile devices such as cellphones and lap tops change the dynamic of public space. Actions such as talking on the phone, or reading e-mails creates temporary pockets of privacy within public environments. This inquiry will investigate the direct impact of information communication technologies (ICTs) on North American interior spaces in addition to developing a new model for dwelling units. The results of this study will be implemented in the design of a mixed-use dwelling, whose programme aims to create new spatial adjacencies to satisfy the territorial differentiations of public and private space.