Enhancing campus safety through planning and design: recommendations for the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus

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Bwalya, Bwale
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This practicum examines fear of crime within campus physical environments at the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus, to develop planning and design recommendations that might contribute to campus safety. The study explores the relationship between planning and crime prevention, including a comprehensive literature review of place-based crime prevention theories; the documentation of selected universities’ crime prevention planning and design principles including University of Minnesota -Twin Cities, Carleton University and University of British Columbia – Vancouver Campus. Seven planning recommendations and seven design recommendations are outlined in the concluding chapter. The study suggests that constant users, natural surveillance, mixed uses, high prospect and low refuge, are key design attributes that are relevant to reducing the fear of crime in campus physical environments. The study also suggests that more awareness about the issue of crime prevention. and information sharing amongst key stakeholders, can help make better decisions on crime prevention planning.
crime, prevention, campus, planning