An evaluation of food security in Manitoba: an issue of sustainable supply

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Sasaki, Nicholas
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The discipline of Sociology has been quiet regarding the production of food by industrial agriculture. However, there are issues that potentially undermine the ability of industrial agriculture to continue to produce food at the same rate. These issues include: global climate change, aquifer depletion, soil erosion and exhaustion, the increase in global production of meat, the ever expanding global population and peak oil. This thesis considers how these issues will affect Manitoba’s agriculture, Manitoba’s ability to adapt to a period of change and its ability to continue to feed its population. Unstructured interviews with expert informants allowed for the collection of data that are not readily available. These data are combined with pre-existing data to assemble an agricultural profile. There are two competing theories within the current dialogue: limits-to-growth and ecological modernization. Ultimately, the food procurement practices will be assessed with reference to the limits-to-growth theory and recommendations will be made.
limits-to-growth, ecological modernization, agriculture, climate change, meat consumption, population, aquifer depletion, soil erosion, soil exhaustion, environmental, sociology, peak oil, Manitoba, food security