Incorporation of selected pulse flours into dried Asian white salted noodles

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Bourre, Lindsay
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This study was undertaken to determine the suitability of pulse flours in dried Asian white salted noodles and their effect on noodle quality and nutritional characteristics. Whole yellow peas, green lentils and navy beans were milled into flours of two different particle sizes, and incorporated into noodles at 25, 30 and 35% with Canadian Western Red Spring wheat flour. Compositional and functional analysis was performed on all flours. Pulse type, blend level and flour particle size all had an effect on noodle quality as determined by instrumental and sensory methods. The addition of pulse flours improved the nutritional profile of the noodles by increasing fibre and protein content. Dried and cooked noodle colour, as well as optimal cooking times, were affected by the addition of pulse flours. Differences in firmness were observed using instrumental texture analysis but were not detected in sensory analysis, however the sensory panel did detect differences in other textural and flavour characteristics.
Pulse, Noodles, Flours