Modeling and Application of Piezoelectric Materials in Repair of Engineering Structures

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Wu, Nan
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The shear horizontal wave propagation and vibration of piezoelectric coupled structures under an open circuit electrical boundary condition are studied. Following the studies on the dynamic response of piezoelectric coupled structures, the repair of both crack/notch and delaminated structures using piezoelectric materials are conducted. The main contribution was the proposed the active structural repair design using piezoelectric materials for different structures. An accurate model for the piezoelectric effect on the shear wave propagation is first proposed to guide the application of piezoelectric materials as sensors and actuators in the repair of engineering structures. A vibration analysis of a circular steel substrate surface bonded by a piezoelectric layer with open circuit is presented. The mechanical models and solutions for the wave propagation and vibration analysis of piezoelectric coupled structures are established based on the Kirchhoff plate model and Maxwell equation. Following the studies of the dynamic response of piezoelectric coupled structures, a close-loop feedback control repair methodology is proposed for a vibrating delaminated beam structure by using piezoelectric patches. The electromechanical characteristic of the piezoelectric material is employed to induce a local shear force above the delamination area via an external actuation voltage, which is designed as a feedback of the deflection of a vibrating beam and a delaminated plate, to reduce the stress singularity around the delamination tips. Furthermore, an experimental realization of an effective repair of a notched cantilever beam structure subjected to a dynamic loading by use of piezoelectric patches is reported. A small piezoelectric patch used as a sensor is placed on the notch position to monitor the severity of the stress singularity around the notch area by measuring the charge output on the sensor, and a patch used as an actuator is located around the notch area to generate a required bending moment by employing an actuation voltage to reduce the stress singularity at the notch position. The actuation voltage on the actuator is designed from a feedback circuit process. Through the analytical model, FEM simulation and experimental studies, the active structural repair method using piezoelectric materials is realized and proved to be feasible and practical.
Structural repair, piezoelectric materials
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