An exploration of the perceived impact of selected factors related to successful Métis education: the voices of Métis graduates of a rural Manitoba high school

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Friesen, Kristine J.
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Educational success eludes many Aboriginal students today. They are not graduating at the same rate as non-Aboriginal students in Canada and in Manitoba. Métis students, although faring a bit better, are still struggling academically, socially and economically. The literature up until now has mainly focused on Aboriginal education and there is limited research on Métis education. Across Canadian society there is a high level of consensus that education is central to individual economic, socio-cultural, and psychological well being, and to the country’s well being. Many factors contribute to their lack of success including racial discrimination and stereotyping of the first peoples of our nation. This qualitative study focuses on student voice and data from six interviews of three male and three female former Métis graduates from a rural Manitoba high school and their perceived impact of school factors related to successful Métis education. This study offers insight for educators and policy makers by highlighting factors that the former students state themselves including elements such as the importance of cultural programming, accessible and caring teachers, parental involvement, and hands-on authentic learning experiences.
Aboriginal, Education, achievement, success