Design of an engine test stand : design report

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Oldenkamp, Andrew
Omid, Bahae
Skene-Hamilton, Courtney
Egilson, Kelly
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The primary purpose of this design project is to develop a test stand for a two-stroke model aircraft engine that is capable of measuring thrust and torque simultaneously and independently. The test stand will be designed for the University of Manitoba Aero Team in order to obtain accurate performance data for a more successful result in the annual competitions. Previous studies, which have included patents and journal articles, have dealt with the measurement of either the thrust or the torque. The proposed test stand takes advantage of a mechanism that achieves the simultaneous and independent measurement of both quantities. The mechanism involves using a two-piece test stand that decouples the effect of the thrust and torque by means of a bearing shaft connected to the engine mounting plate. The quantities of interest will be measured autonomously using the conventional strain gage based contact method. Various alternative designs were considered in the process of the concept development. The designs were studied independently and the final design was proposed through optimization and was based on the client’s needs and specifications. Analytical modeling and several physical tests were conducted to assess the strength and effectiveness of the test stand. In conclusion, the study has found that the proposed test stand featuring robustness, portability, adaptability, and reliability best suits the client’s needs and is a feasible and practical solution to the requirements.
engine, test, stand