Test cart design for Standard Aero : final design report

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Crawford, Jesse
Dubiel, Marcelo
Siram, Roshan
Gyselman, Matt
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This report outlines the redesign of StandardAero Winnipeg’s existing turbine test carts in order to accommodate two different engines. The primary goal of the redesign was to improve the testing time required for each engine by streamlining the test process and eliminating the need for additional carts. Each of the two engines has different longitudinal dimensions. Our design requires replacing the base section of the engine mounts with a redesigned baseplate and carriage/rail system to accommodate either engine’s dimensions. The electrical and data acquisition systems were examined thoroughly. It was found that by updating the pressure systems we were able to significantly reduce the amount of wiring between the cart and the control room. The vibration system was improved by placing the charge amplifiers on the cart itself. This cut down on the length of wiring significantly and will increase the accuracy of the readings. It was determined that the cart had enough space available to accommodate both of the engines’ throttle control mechanisms. Redesigning the throttle controls was not necessary; both systems are to be added to the new cart in their current configuration. The addition of baffles to the oil pan will help to dissipate the momentum of the oil developed when the dolly is moved. This will help to prevent oil sloshing out of the pan. We were able to fulfill all the objectives determined at the start of the project. Implementing the redesigned cart will reduce the total time taken to test an engine by freeing up more space on the preparation floor and, more importantly, by significantly reducing the number of connections that must be made when setting up an engine for testing.
test, cart, design, Standard Aero