Design of improved engine shipping containers : final report

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Roy, Lisa
Pilor, Eric
Santoyo, Christiana (Nancy)
Bartel, Carl
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StandardAero has experienced difficulty with their current shipping containers for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engines, which are not providing sufficient protection from shipping mishandling. This has resulted in numerous damaged engines and warranty repair costs that StandardAero has been responsible for. The purpose of this report is to design several new shipping containers that will provide improved engine protection, while being durable, easy to store and still being cost effective. Following brainstorming and concept generation sessions, six concepts have been developed which all meet , in different ways, the criteria identified by the client. At the request of StandardAero, a cost-­‐benefit analysis has been completed and is presented in the report to help identify the most cost-­‐effective solution. Following the cost-­‐benefit analysis and examination of each concept against the objectives identified, it is recommended that a one piece plastic stacking cover be implemented using StandardAero’s existing universal base. This concept provides the best combination of engine protection, durability, easy storage and cost effectiveness. In addition several other improvements have been recommended to help reduce the frequency and cost of shipping damage encountered. By implementing the suggested shipping container and improvements, StandardAero has the potential to significantly reduce the frequency, and extent of shipping damage while at the same time reducing the expense of shipping materials.
design, improved, engine, shipping, containers, Standard Aero