Modularization and standardization of New Flyer Industries bus seat mounting : final design report

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Dobson, Chris
Liu, Jilu
Lagimodiere, Brianne
Shao, Jingbo
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The final design report for the Modularization and Standardization of New Flyer Industries (NFI) Bus Seat Mounting outlines the introduction and as such the background of modularized bus seating project. NFI is looking to acquire a Universal Lower Support (ULS) for six of the seats used for NFI bus seat layouts. There is a subsection of the introduction that features the concepts that were considered for the Lower Support Structure (LSS) design. The Features of the proposed design as well as the limitations of the proposed design are detailed in the section titled details of the design. The operation of the design, cost analysis and reduction of parts are sections that are also included in this report. Simple hand calculations and FEA analysis were completed to analyze the proposed design for the applied loads that are expected to be applied to the LSS. The hand calculations and FEA are included in an appendix of the report. Design For Assembly (DFA), assembly instructions and component weights are included in an appendix of the report. A Design for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) was conducted on the LSS and is also presented in an appendix of this report. The LSS meets four out of the six seats specified by NFI that were to be included in the Universal Lower Support (ULS). Therefore the Team designed a LSS instead of a ULS because two seat styles could not be modularized. The Team makes recommendations to NFI for the next phase of the project and concludes that NFI should ask the seat vendors to review their seat styles to make the seat mounting systems universal.
New Flyer Industries, bus, seat, mounting, modularization, standardization