Riveting process fixture design

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La Tour, Sasha
Wang, Mo Ran
Li, Qi
Xing, Zi Bing
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This report details the final design of a turbofan bypass duct riveting process fixture for Bristol Aerospace Ltd. The design was requested to reduce damage to the skin of the ducts during the existing riveting process. A list of client needs was identified, and features were designed to satisfy these needs. These features include supports with adjustable height and angle, as well as a pedal assembly that lifts the entire fixture. Additional features were also developed to further improve the security of the duct, as well as the overall usefulness of the fixture. An analysis of the prototype cost, and the expected final cost of the fixture is presented. Some recommendations are also made for possible improvements to the system at an increased cost and delay in fixture implementation. Finally, the report summarizes the features of the riveting process fixture design, and concludes that the design fulfills the needs of the client.1
riveting, process, fixture, design