Characterization of the Ground Thermal Response to Heating by a Deep Vertical Borehole Heat Exchanger

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Olfman, Maeir Zalman
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This thesis presents an experiment and an analysis that evaluates some of the long-standing assumptions in deep vertical borehole ground heat exchanger (GHX) theory. These assumptions neglect ground heterogeneity and depth variations in GHX output and the ground temperature response (GTR). This thesis describes an apparatus and an experiment that measured the GTR at several depths, times, and at two different horizontal distances from a GHX both during and immediately after its operation. This thesis also reports the temperature response data, which may not be available from other sources in such detail. The experiment showed that the GTR can be highly depth dependant. The analysis involved a parametric study to characterize the GTR by developing an effective computer simulation of the experiment. The analysis showed that ground heterogeneity significantly affected the GTR and the GHX output in this study. Furthermore, this GHX output showed depth and time, dependence.
Geothermal, Ground-Source, Heat Pump, Heat Transfer, Environment, Engineering