Shear Behaviour of Precast/Prestressed Hollow-Core Slabs

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Celal, Mahmut Sami
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Shear strength of precast/prestressed hollow-core (PHC) slabs subjected to concentrated or line loads, especially near supports, may be critical and usually is the governing criteria in the design. This study presents the second phase of a research program, undergoing at the University of Manitoba, to calibrate the shear equations in the Canadian code for predicting the shear capacity of PHC slabs. This phase includes both experimental and numerical investigations using a finite element analysis (FEA) software package. The length of bearing, void shape and size, level of prestressing and shear span-to-depth ratio were investigated. The experimental results were compared to the predictions of the Canadian, American and European codes. It was concluded that the Canadian code is unduly conservative. However, the special European code for PHC slabs resulted in better and more consistent predictions. The FEA suggested that the adequate prestressing reinforcement ratio to obtain highest shear capacity ranges between 0.7% and 1.1%.
hollow-core slabs, shear capacity of prestressed members, web-shear resistance, FEM by ANSYS, factors affecting shear resistance, shear analysis by CSA A23.3-04, shear analysis by ACI 318-08, shear analysis by DIN EN 1168-08, full-scale testing of hollow-cores