Effects of in vitro gastrointestinal digestion on extractability of nutrient and bioactive compounds from wheat bran

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Golom, Sirak Tsegai
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A static in vitro digestion method was developed as a strategy to understand the effects of modelled digestion on the solubility of nutrients and selected bioactive compounds of autoclaved and untreated wheat bran. Brans from common soft, hard, and durum wheats were evaluated. Results indicated that the in vitro digestion protocol was suitable and effective. Effects of gastrointestinal simulation were considerably larger than gastric digestion alone. Digestibility of the brans ranged from 28.1 to 47.9%. Digestibility of bran minerals, starch and protein was substantial compared to lesser, but still significant, effects on fibre. Fibre solubility was significantly enhanced due to autoclaving. Total phenolic content, free radical scavenging and metal chelation activity were all substantially increased in soluble digests. Yields of these factors indicated that digestion of wheat bran releases ample levels of antioxidants that would be available for absorption in the small intestine to promote beneficial health effects.
wheat bran, in vitro digestion, bioavailability, digestibility, antioxidant activity, soluble fibre, autoclave