Characterization of alcohol-containing dairy emulsions: pseudo-ternary phase diagrams of sodium caseinate-oil-ethanol systems

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Espinosa Martinez, Ginna
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The physical properties and the stability of alcohol containing emulsions made with sodium caseinate using two types of oil, canola oil and coconut oil, were investigated. The region of emulsion stability was presented on ternary phase diagrams. Emulsion stability was limited to emulsion compositions in the range of sodium caseinate solutions between 32-68 %wt, oil contents between 10-53 %wt and ethanol concentrations from 8 to 32 %wt. The type of oil had a minor effect on emulsion stability, but stability was sensitive to ethanol content and casein/oil ratio. Emulsions were classified as Newtonian fluids, with high ethanol content (> 20 %wt) being low viscosity and those of low ethanol content (< 20 %wt) being of high viscosity. Analysis of emulsion droplet sizes showed that the presence of ethanol affected the average droplet size. From lipid oxidation determinations, there was no clear correlation between casein/oil ratio and concentration of lipid hydroperoxides
Emulsions, Sodium Caseinate, Phase Diagrams, Ethanol