Many ways to go: reflecting on ethics and landscape architecture education

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Prosser, Cheryl
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The project employs passages from a personal story to reflect on the ethics within landscape architecture education. It uses the personal story to initiate discussions on ethics and values within story and the application of these ethics to the career of Land Management. The inquiry explores the value of narrative as a method. Using the devices recognized by Potteiger & Purinton (1998) in Landscape Narratives elements of a personal story are identified as landscape narratives. The influence of landscape architecture education on personal land ethics is discussed and linked to the value of this education within the resource management field. Ultimately, not all the values are linked back directly to education but many are rooted in the experiences of landscape architecture education. The project concludes by recognizing intrinsic and explicit aspects of landscape architecture education which assist in developing personal land ethics. These land ethics are important to the profession of Landscape Architecture and are applicable to a wide range of careers.
land ethics, education