Official community planning in the Shuswap: public participation in the preparation of official community plans within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, British Columbia

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Pachcinski, Marcin
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This thesis looks at public participation in the formulation of three official community plans within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. As background, a historical review of the literature makes the case that historical events led to the democratization of planning and supports communicative action theory as a pragmatic framework for modern planners. An examination of local government legislation and practice exposes the great deal of discretion afforded to each local government. Local resident advisory group members’ experiences, gained through face‐to‐face semi‐structured interviews, are analyzed using qualitative data coding. The analysis reveals four major themes across the three processes: sense of agency and level of input, process, power and group identity and cohesion. The interview analysis is then fed back through the literature, lending varied support to the communicative turn in planning and providing a more broad interpretation of the data that informs future planning practice.
planning, collaborative, Columbia Shuswap, public participation, British Columbia, official community plan