Serviceability of concrete beams reinforced with FRP and concrete prisms prestressed with CFRP

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Vogel, Hugues M.
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Many researchers have identified concerns with steel corrosion in concrete structures. This thesis investigates the serviceability of concrete structures reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) material. The distinctive properties of the reinforcement influence the analysis and design of structures. An alternate expression for effective moment of inertia was derived to consider these differences and improve the estimation of deflection for concrete beams reinforced with FRP. Serviceability issues encountered with FRP reinforced concrete structures were also addressed by exploring Prestressed Concrete Prisms (PCPs) as reinforcement. They are small sections of high strength concrete cast around a concentrically pre-tensioned FRP reinforcing bar. The technique enhances axial stiffness of the bar and flexural stiffness of concrete beams. Thermal weathering was investigated by subjecting beams to temperature fluctuations expected in the Canadian climate. Inclusion of dispersed fibers in the PCP reinforcement and surface deformations was also studied to determine the influence on post-cracking behaviour.
serviceability, concrete