The birth of a medical research programme. the Rhesus (Rh) factor studies, Dr. Bruce Chown, and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, 1883-1946

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Warren, C. Peter. W.
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The thesis is an analysis of the birth of the Rhesus (Rh) Factor Research Programme in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba. Rh Factor is one of the blood groups which can lead a pregnant mother to react to her baby’s blood and destroy it. Research on this disorder yielded one of Manitoba’s most profound medical discoveries. The account reveals that three elements contributed to this research, namely the researcher, the circumstances and chance. The narrative identifies the researcher, Dr. Bruce Chown, as a major influence in the development of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba. The conditions nationally and locally that enabled him to succeed in his research are examined. The role of chance in his picking a research subject is considered. The story of Bruce Chown and the start of the Rh research illustrates the beginnings of medical research in Manitoba. The primary sources for the study were the Archives of the University of Manitoba, Archives Manitoba and the National Archives Ottawa.
Bruce Chown, 1893-1986, University of Manitoba, Medical Research, Faculty of Medicine