Venous perfusion and intravenous dissection for fixation, evaluation and staging of renal tumours in nephrectomy specimens

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Bergen, Rebecca
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Invasion of renal cell carcinoma into the renal vein has a detrimental effect on the prognosis as this is an important tumour dissemination route. Determination of renal vein invasion is vital to accurate pathological staging. The purpose of this study is to determine if perfusing with formalin and probing the veins of radical nephrectomy specimens allows for easier visualization of the veins and an improved diagnosis of vascular invasion. In this study, 28 radical nephrectomy specimens were examined using renal vein probing and perfusion techniques. The tumours were segregated based on size, Fuhrman grade and tumour type. Comparison of the study tumours versus renal tumours examined in 2009 that were not perfused and probed were based on these groupings. There was a trend to identifying more renal vein invasion, especially for tumours 4.1 to 7.0 cm in diameter, but this did not result in statistical significance in this small study group.
Nephrectomy, Fixation, Intravenous, Staging