Velocity of movement during ankle strength and power training with elastic resistance bands in older patients attending a day hospital rehabilitation program

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Rajan, Pavithra
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The purpose was to determine the velocity during strength and power training, with elastic resistance bands, in older adults. Nine older patients, who attended the day hospital rehabilitation program at Riverview Health Centre, were trained for power and strength of the ankle muscles using elastic resistance bands for 4 to 6 weeks. Training sessions were filmed to assess the velocity of training using Proanalyst software. Power training occurred at faster peak velocities as compared to strength training (p<0.001) for both muscle groups, however there were significant differences for average velocity only during training of plantar flexors (p<0.001). There was no significant difference between strength and power training in terms of within individual variability. However, a wide variability was observed between subjects in velocities they trained at and overlap was found between velocities for strength and power training. Hence, researchers should monitor velocity during different types of training in older adults.
Velocity, ankle, motion analyses, older patients, elastic bands, resistance training