Acoustic correlates of lenis and fortis stops in Manitoba Saulteaux

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Tallman, Adam J. R.
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This study investigated some of the acoustic correlates of lenis-fortis contrast in Saulteaux Ojibwe based on speech from six speakers in Manitoba. Four acoustic correlates of lenis and fortis stops in intervocalic position were measured; consonant duration, postaspiration, preaspiration and sonority level. It was assumed that although the speakers displayed much variation in terms of what correlates marked the contrast overall the contrast would be maintained with a similar degree of robustness across the speakers. It was hypothesized that despite the ubiquitous variation, the speakers would trade off acoustic correlates in order to maintain the contrast. Bias-reduced multiple logistic regression models were used in order to assess the (non)importance of each correlate by speaker. Multi-model inference was used in order to choose the best model for each speaker based on their speech. Some trading relations between the correlates were discovered across the speakers, however, the precise quantitative weightings between them were difficult to assess for a number of reasons. The relevance of the current study for Ojibwe dialectology is discussed.
Linguistics, Phonetics, Ojibwe