Arts-based evaluation tools for community arts programs: a case study of Art City's 'Green Art' in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Edenloff, Jacob
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Community arts are potentially valuable tools in building community and regenerating distressed neighbourhoods. Community-based art organizations exist in most major cities across North America and abroad. These groups are concerned with social and environmental community issues (e.g., youth poverty, sustainability, racism) and use art as a medium for social change through community empowerment and personal development. Many of these organizations operate on limited funding and are required to complete program evaluations to demonstrate the merit of their programs. While some program evaluation literature touches on the role of arts-based research methods, very little focuses specifically on using these methods with community-based art organizations—particularly organizations with programming intended for children and youth. This Major Degree Project seeks to address this gap and explore the role of creative, arts-based evaluation methods for community-based art organizations’ program evaluation.
Community Development, Community-Based Art, Program Evaluation, Evaluation Methodology, Arts-Based Evaluation, Winnipeg, Manitoba