An exploration of campus recreation's role in student engagement

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Angus Busby, Tanya L.
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Student engagement research includes student success, grade point average, persistence, recruitment, retention, and belonging (Bean, 1980; Becker, Cooper, Atkins, & Martin, 2009; Willms, 2003). Campus recreation research explores benefits, involvement, satisfaction, participation, and community (Astin, 1984; Barcelona & Ross, 2002; Dalgarn, 2001; Kovac & Beck, 1997; Tsigilis, 2009). Research considering the relationship between student engagement and campus recreation is limited. The purpose of this research was to consider the role(s) of campus recreation participation in undergraduate student engagement at a post-secondary commuter campus. A case study approach using initial exploratory interviews and follow-up focus groups explored campus recreation participation in terms of social, academic, and intellectual engagement. Participants were current full-time undergraduate students, 18-24 years old and had participated in a campus recreation activity within the past four months. Findings provided guidance for enhancing student engagement through campus recreation and contributed to and connected the existing knowledge bases of campus recreation and student engagement.
engagement, recreation, campus, retention, recruitment, involvement, participation, belonging, community, integration, social, success, academic, intellectual, post-secondary, student